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13 Sep 16
flute notes float in air / dim sounds echo in Eden / whisper soft whispers
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13 Sep 16
a warm summer daze / the big crop of nuts will wait / life is worth living
afternoon nap time / safe warm and comfortable / crow will alarm me
warm dry sunshine day / no crows or eagles prowling / life is wonderful
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28 Aug 16
alert bug alert / Damsel Fly or tasty Moth / which one for my lunch
best friends have feathers / visit but never stays long / and eat those pest bugs
spring spring is near near / a visitor sings to me / rewarded bread crumbs
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17 Aug 16
thunder of huge herds / as far as the eye could see / plains are now empty
proud strong impressive / you must see them in the wild / while you still are young
loss herds of millions / buffalo covered a land / billions of people
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17 Aug 16
Storm clouds roll across / Birds nest rest in dry safe hands / Giant monument
Tao is so simple / Haiku is so beautiful / Why is life so hard
we must care and share / dreams plans hold hands directly / hide not in the net
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04 Aug 16
drifting no rudder / too deep to drop the anchore / no place to harbor
adrift far far out / waiting watching wandering / all is well I think
I saw a lonely flower / It was purple like nightfall / My tears flowed like stars
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30 Jul 16
what type of flower / why are they here and not there / why am I here now
paired ducks coming back / plant buddings are hinting spring / earlier sun rise
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30 Jul 16
do you see me now / dream shadow realities / here than gone magic
hello hello * / does not make a two way * / * conversation
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25 Jul 16
Tides wash in and out / Sky goes slowly lite to dark / Seasonsal cycles
washed ashore rolling / hmmm whosss and hiss sea sand kissed / high tide low tide slide
spring tree frogs chirping / awaken forest friends sing / start season cycle
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12 Jul 16
What a lucky day / Welcome new park visitor / Stay as long as you can
mix of natures love / taken for granted by most / delicate cycle
gorgeous flowers bloom / little from us required / gorgeous bird singing
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03 Jul 16
everyday wonders / gifts of living here on earth / travel haiku path
dawn of a new day / slowly travel fresh new paths / news is history
o'er smiles soft it runs / down her cheeks in poetry / dreamy skys patience
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03 Jul 16
kings are history / either long or shortly lived / never forever
here lies my wingman / my awesomeness is clear / where is your eagle?
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03 Jul 16
Oh fourth of July / Fireworks is being ignored / Hair in my ears help
Nothing more peaceful / I learn from a sleeping cat / How too become still
Good night have sweet dreams / Taking life as purrly comes / Puurrr Purr tomorroww
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25 Jun 16
silently inspire / reading and observasions / quietly learning
fill in life's small blanks / pictures are words not spoken / songs yet to be sung
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23 Jun 16
found this ole haiku / thought it should be repeated / life of the forest
The land of cement / Once was the forest of life / Now grey with deaths breath
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